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As a youth art educator, I am self-motivated, dependable with extensive experience teaching students from diverse backgrounds including formal and informal: public schools, museums, community art centers, recreation centers, and camps. I have always had an interest in education and learning through art and in 2010, I pursued my Masters of Science in Art Education at Rochester Institute of Technology and certification to teach in New York State. This intense, lengthy process involved both the classroom and 12 weeks of student teaching. This expanded my philosophy of education and ideas about learning. I believe in curricular integration and lessons plans in art education relating to core subjects. Also, developing research strategies and curriculum planning focusing on projects is an asset of mine. Being an art educator I am always thinking creatively and adapting to new situations and have the ability to take the initiative.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Crystal Bridges in Fayetteville Arkansas!

Attended the professional development at Crystal Bridges that featured the exhibit Picturing the Americas

I got to create my own personal landscape and send it to myself. Here it is!

Landscape, which is reminiscent of São Paulo by Tarsila do Amaral, depicts  a natural wonder with its focus on the mountain. Set in 1920's São Paulo, the prominent dog in the lower right alludes to a time when Americans were interested in realistic portrayals of their world. Some may view this work as merely realistic due to the presence of the people walking, while others may interpret it as revolutionary.

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